Down To Earth :D

hi guyz..
it's been a long time since i've not updated my blog..
speaking la plak :P
quite busy with sleep..ahakzz XD

Tech n Civil members involve in DTE project which is for Islamic Studies project..
A day before that, we've a "kursus jenazah"...
quite interesting as we can know what is the main thing and compulsory for us in managing the dead body in Islam way..
it's good as we can know and practise if we have the opportunity to do it ritre :)
If not us,who else will manage it..
We're muslims so we're suppose to know it as it is a "Fardhu Kifayah"

Here comes to the 2nd day which the date that i'd mention before :D
We have to clean the cemetry
First impression :
nida said ~ seriau
for me ~ a little nervous
After that, when i arrived at the cemetry, I'm okay..
And we start doing our work
But some are just relaxing,what a lazy!!

But overall this is a good time for me besides gaining experience,I become more comfortable with it,as we cannot feel afraid of it rite because one day, we'll be like them as mentioned by the head of villagers

Here some pics for u,,,
thanx for lending your times to read this :)
i appreciate that XD


cangkul2x :) my favourite

kami :)

bas ku :)


~ girls only ~

kami semua :D

julie kepenatan :)

yo yo o

that's all, thanx :)

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