it's hurt

why did it is to easy to make me cry
i don't know
they always say that girls like to cry
but not all i think
but me
i cried a lot in my life
not that i luv to cry
but i'm easy to cry
from simple things to hardest thing
and when i watch sad movie, i cried a lot
when i read sad story, i cried again
when i hear something bad, i cried too

and toninght when someone hurt me, of course i cry :(
am i too sensitive or what
why did i cried so much
today i cry many times

not because of something happens to me,
but i read,see,listen something that make me feel so sad and
but the last thing that made me cry is YOU!
i don't know, if i'm the one who is being too sensitive or what
i cried but you just don't know
and if i tell u
u will said that i'm not understand you
so how can i tell you??
it's okay
i'm fine now
it's just i don't want to drop my tears again
because i'm easy to cry
not that i love to cry but
i don't know
the tears is coming without i realize

i just want to stop crying
but the movie make me cry again
oh no

please don't waste my tears anymore

~fara sakura~

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