the only exception :)

my darling  ツ

i addicted to the song,,,
now i'm posting the song at the side of my blog so listen to this song k
credit to Faizaty for sharing this song to me
cause i'm to lazy to download the song to my notebook
i'm just like the word
haha weirdoo of me
i just like that word
but it does not mean anything rite??
don't underestimate the word for me
listen to the song, and i know most of u like the song to rite??
:) thanx

just one thing, today i've NO CLASS
hahaha don't be jealous with me, k
yours will be soon
thanx to the lecturers, and i'm gonna spend the time to sleep!!
haha sleep and SLEEP
to lazy of me
pity shasha, her roommate is so so SO SO lazy :P
sory darling
next time i'll try to be not to lazy,,hehe

catch with u later k
i want to watch movies
credit to JULIE
hahaha gues what, for this year i got record for watching TOO much movies
later i'll study k
see u
thanx for spend ur time at my BLOGGIE :)
later guyz

~fara sakura~

1 comment:

afiq ganu said...

lagu paramore memang layan kot...haha

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