it's been an AMAZING weekends

hey i went for a teambuilding last weekend >> 22-24 OCT 2010
it've been a great and wonderful for me and my friends

i got many NEW friends and get to know them well
many activities more to like outdoor activities were held
it was very FUN and we enjoyed it very much
there are many memorable things happened
i got to know like gori which we called him > Rosyam Nor 
and our dearest friend ain are called >> Kechik
she's the smallest among us :P
famous amos :)

 there is time where we have to arrange ourselves accroding to like
we got to know maybe not everyone but almost rite babe?
and also we had many adventurous games but i just don't know the namess hahaha
but i'd show all of u the pictures k !

and the best thing is FYI i tried the FLYING FOX :P
i'm afraid of heightness but my bestfriends >> JULIE and ANIS force me
:( but i was really afraid to climb the stairs and of coz i'm short
LOL but i just force to climb it till top
when i reach there, i feel like wanna go down but it really HIGH !!
and when i flew, i just feel like woowww!!
really2 BEST!!!
i wanna try it again :P

when we were at our rooms,,,aiyyaaa
everyone was using the phones lol
they did PRANK CALL!!!
OMG haha
but i'd also talk to few person
and we had a long conversation without knowing who is it,,,
hahaha later i knew who is but he doesn't know who am i :P
pity u !!
but i know all of us like to us the phone bcoz it's FREE hahaha
prank call!!prank call!!
hahahaha we just love it :D
we just try call any rooms,,hehehe
julie like!!
but sometimes somebody cal at midnight wuhuuuuu
"xde keje!!"
hahahaha and i just like to answer the phone :P

it have been a long conversation rite, i'm just too tired of writing
and i didn't have much idea to write
hehehehe sory guyz
we continue later k but i show u some of the pictures k dear?
see u soon
just as a reminder, this memory will last forever,
it was a such a wonderful to spent with u guyz all of u!!


GRUP 4 roxxx :D
kami :D


kembungkembung :)

with ain

senyumsenyum la

lots of love,
~fara sakura~

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