sweet HOLIDAY i guess??

hi all ,
it have been a long time since i've updated blog :(
soo sorry because the broadband at my house is DAMN LOW!!!
so i cannot update my bloggie , so sad!!!!
so many so so....hahaha LOL
but now i'm in utp
so the internet is just ok

there are lots of things that i want to share
but i don't know how to start
lots of story
i'll tell u a lil bit, ok?
as maybe some of u know that the last two weeks are my HOLIDAYS :D
maybe i've not full use of it but 
there are certain time that make me happy for the whole weekend
and the most special one is 15 NOV '10 

that day had been a great day for me
although in the evening is raining but it still ok :)
i had a WONDERFUL time with u
thanx babe for the day!
and i hope there will be a day like that day again
and of course with YOU !!
and i'm waiting for that day
hahaha :)

I've spend my holiday with my cuties anas

 he is more heavier that before
OMG 6.7kg !
what are u eating my dear :D
but now he became
now he is more active, so it's hard to take his cutie pictures
but when i show him the notebook webcam
he like just see the camera and smile!!
so it's easier for me to capture his pictures 
:D thanx dear
but this holiday had end 
KAK LANG will miss u, ANAS !

ape tengok-tengok??


anas :)

until then,
lots of love,
~fara sakura~

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