he makes me cry but he is one in a gazillion ☺

Salam bloggers sayangs...baru sekarang nak blogging pulak farasakura nih =,=.. Tapi fara agak busy la pagi sampai petang...heee orait kembali kepada topik ☺ fara kan cerita dalam english tau..hee sebab tajuk dah bahasa gitu kan ☺

"he makes me cry but he is one in a gazillion"

Dear, thanks for everything.. I'm not forgetting the mommie ducks and her three sweet kids that you bought for my lil bro.. It is so cute like "me".. Hahaha Do u remember at one store, there is "You are one in a million" song, u sang that song.. Is it for me ? Thanks for spending your time and money hehe☺

Tonight, u will be away from me.. i feel bad about that.. I cried when i see u from far today... I cried when i don't see u anymore.. I'll miss u... See u again dear ☺ Do don't forget me

And remember one things, when i was on my way back home, that song came through my mind. I don't know why ! Seriously i think only something... You are one in a gazillion ☺ 

Thanks for reading my ♥ story ...BELIEVE OR NOT ? Up to you ☺

the wallpaper of life ☺

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dear farasakura..Saya nak mention yang Melayu Frustasi akan msukkan farasakura dlm bloglist selama 3 bulan..Fara dah join tuk setahun tp x dpt kan?..So jgn kecewa sbb fara akan msuk yg 3 bulan pnyer..tq

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