Lebih RM2000 untuk dimenangi ♥ $$$$

Residential College Support Unit (RCSU) is organizing an event, called Residential College Innovation Exhibition (RIX) on 20th - 23rd March 2011. This brand new event is a competition and exhibition, and opens to all UTP students. This event main objective is to expose students into existing problem in Residential College environment and by allowing the students to think creatively in order to generate solutions.

4 easy steps to win the grand prize:

1. Register your group.
2. Submit your poster that present your idea in PDF format.
3. Presentation and exhibition for top 40 posters.
4. You are the champion. ☺

You may select one of the theme below:

1. Physical Improvement
What kind of physical improvements can be added to the hostels.

2. Communication
How to enable students can communicate with RC Management in a more convenience way.

3. Cleanliness
how to help cleaners do their job and keep the cleanliness of our residential college

4. Security

How to prevent crime in the hostels.

For registration, kindly visit our booth from 
23rd-25th February 2011

so what are you waiting for UTPians?? Do join us ☺

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