David Archuleta VS Justin Bieber

Now is 4.10 am. Seriously i don't know why am i not being sleepy. LOL fara, what are u doing ? 

Seriously, first i just heard the song by Whitney and Mariah Carey -> When you believe.. Maybe i'm kinda late with these kind of thing. I think i've heard of the song before but today i don't know why, when i heard that song, it makes me like..fuhhh really amazed with their voices.. Such a powerful voices both of them. And then i keep hearing again and again.. 

Then i found David Archuleta also sang that song during American Idol ! Why would i miss that.. So i just played that song and WOW! His voice are really amazing right? More better than Justin Bieber of course. Seriously ! All people are just talking about JB, i don't care because i think that David Archuleta is much much much more better than him. ^_^ 

Such an amazing voice he has!

And one more song that i'm interested about is stand by me. His voice is such make me just melt.. Such awesome voice. Of course i think he's much more friendly and has awesome voice than JB. Although there are rumours about he's gay but who knows the truth right ^_^

Seriously, now i'm addicted with the songs which are When You Believe sang by both Whitney & Mariah Carey and also by David Archuleta. Not to forget, cute song Stand By Me ^_^

Try to hear it too..Seriously his voice is awesome plus he loves to smile!

The music for this song is nice.. Sweet and adorable song ^_^

So what's your opinion guyz ? ^_^

p/s : i love those two songs !!! thumbs up for David Archuleta... Is it possible, he read my blog? hahaha


syaza nazura. said...

David Archuleta ♥

:DD So better than Bieber ;))

Nurul Hamizah said...

lagu second best :)

Ila said...

maybe dia baca..saper tahu...heheeh

farasakura said...

@syaza nazura. 20000billionsss correct dear ^____^

farasakura said...

@Nurul Hamizah semua best la mizah..hehehe ;D

farasakura said...

@Ila then i hope he drop by some comments ;D

Ila said...

maybe dia baca..saper tahu...heheeh

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