The heart and the soul are dead tonight

Hey guyz.. Yeah of course some of you might thinking, isn't she will have exam this wednesday ? What are she doing posting more and more and more entry. Piss off!

Tonight, as you can see, my heart and my soul already down.. Going down and down.. (T_____T)

are my face look like this right now ? =,=

I have started the journey to the subject tonight but then i got some notifications about coursework. LOL ! Well of course i want to check. I cannot wait any longer because my heart and my soul are eager to know.. Hmm the coursework is good but my first quiz went bad so the total is ruined! Although maybe some of them think, huh only few percent, BUT BUT BUT for me it is really important ! Seriously i repeat.. 


It would be much harder for me to score for the total.. So somehow it makes my heart breaks.. LOL to myself

I want to score starting this semester! Seriously i want ! At least give perfect 3.5 i will be happy. Seriously i'm not kidding. Maybe it is my fault because i didn't study (T______T) but u know me, i dislike subject that i have to read. 

Thank God that subject not only about read and read but also have calculationsss.. If not i'm totally ruined ! GOSH..=,=

It a lil bit relieved after i throw all the sorrow here, so my heart and my soul relieved a little ^__^ Thanx mr bloggie.. I ♥ u so muchh darling !

Maybe i should study another subject :) Fuhh my exams are 3 in a row.. LOL! Wed-Thur-Fri... Can u imagine how tight is the exam.. 

But guyz, no matter how the coursework or even the exams made me stress, i will try my best to achieve my dreams.. It's for my parents. I wish to grad as a first class student and make my parents proud with me ^__^ Aminn..

Pray for my success k guyzz.. Thanx for reading.. I feel more relieved now. Thanks bloggers and blog. Really appreciate all.

p/s : She really inspired me more to get dean list after she posted that she got dean list again..fuhh congrats to her. i wish i could be just like her. InsyaAllah this semester. And of course more effort next semester. InsyaAllah :)

Hey, i love to express my feeling here, so no heart feeling okey :)
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