new semester new stuff new experience but still the same me ^_______^

Salam alaik guyz..

ni time g pangkor..siap makan pasir -,-
It have been a long time since I'd updated my blog.. Hihihihi sorry... I'm busy with my lil bro, like you know.. He's become more active active and MORE... And now he's 10kg !! OMG ! So heavy you anas! Holding u like 5 minutes, ohh i can faint.. But somehow good news comes.. He can walk now.. So i just let him walk..Hahaha  your sis is becoming more lazy yeahh.. LOL

Hey guyz.. Very very interesting news.. Ahaa guess whatt.. New semester ? Oh noo it's not a good news becauce it means holidays are over.. HAHAHA pity yourself cause you got only a week of holiday...LOL farasakura
da boleh jalan..mmg bagus! HAHA

Hey hey back to the story.. The good news are this semester i will be learning Dreamweaver and Oracle 9i.. Woahh how cool is that! Maybe it would be harder because i don't have any JAVA experience but i will work hard! InsyaAllah ^___^

I will learn how to build a website and much more interesting things i think.. Hope so..So after this my blog MAYBE would not be dot blogspot haha maybe dot com i guess? Hahaha maybe...just pray for my success ok guyz :) Luv u !

Two subject i've got project works.. Woahh how nice is that? Maybe i've to work harder and harder.. Hey NO! I will work smarter and smarter okey! Lalalala one of the project i and my team project have to choose a company and like maybe learn something about their company database or something like that.. I guess so.. I just don't know.. Hahaha wish me luck k.. My brain starts thinking.. Hmmm which company should i choose.. Too many choices around.. LOL i want to have fun first..

I hope that all of the courses that i take this semester would be much fun for me.. HAHA maybe not just fun but i gain knowledge and experience insyaAllah.. Aminn.. 

Hope all of u enjoy your study too and maybe holiday because most of you are in holiday... OMG ! I'm so so so jealous.. Okay.. Pray for me yeahh..

ni muka latest! << saya sudah gelap !
p/s : I don't why i like to write in english most of all of my entries for the previous 4 or 5.. OMG! I'm in ♥ to write in English.. Oh noo.. I'm starving!


Nabilah Zainal said...

arrgghhh~ anas comel

farasakura said...

@Nabilah Zainal haha die da gelap kot

Nabilah Zainal said...

arrgghhh~ anas comel

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