shut down your stomach for a while

Assalamulaikum fellas...

It have been a long time since i've updated my blog... Hailoo i don't know what spirit have come into me just now... Yeahh forgot to say, happy ramadhan to all Muslims :) Tic tok tic tok... I wonder most of the Muslims in Malaysia are waiting for the time to break their fast right :D Heeee me too

I'm breaking my fast alone T__________T Waaaaaaaaa..Hahaha don't be sad lahh.. Heee i'm used to it :) Yeahhh... Today i just bought some food for myself...

green bean porridge


ayam masak tomyam

plain rice
cook by myself...heee looks marvellous ..Hahaha i'm getting hungry to see them  >.< Ohhhh i miss homie... Mama, i want to go home.. Sobsobsob... It's so lucky for u guyz to be at home right now... Waaaaa i'm so jealous... I will be back home maybe 2 more weekss... So so painful... Grrrrrrrrrrr

Miss my mom's cooking.. Yeahhh her dishes are awesome.. Rather than me cooking.. Hahahaha i'm bad at this... Hahahahaa seriouslyy don't ask me why....

Fellas, i'm so busy this week and next week.. Warghhhhh i'm so so so lazy to be at utp.. too much work to much burden.. But what can i say, i still a student... Wawawawawa just enjoy my "studies" mood... Lalalalalaa i love my courses.. Yeahhh of course coding is my priority.. Grrr don't know why maybe i will be the best programmer one day... hahahahaha InsyaAllah.. aminnn.. pray for my success k fellass :)

If i have more time i will update what i'm going through this week and last week and next week... Fuhhh many interesting stories to say ut of course my laziness are the greatest thing that i can't avoid.. Grrrrrrrrrr OHH EMM GEEE (new stylee of word..hahahaa)

Till then,

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