♥ My intern life ♥

Hi guys,

It have been a long long long time since i've updated my blog. How months already? Aiyokk :|

Before that, one of my neighbours, Cik Ilah had meet the Creator. Al-Fatihah. I miss you and thank you for everything that you taught me. You are like a mother to me. Already miss you. 

So back to the story guys (wiping tears :( ), 

Now, i currently doing my intern! Yeayy no homework no busy events no test no exams ! 

HAHAHA totally lies! I'm super duper busy with this interns.

Let me guys tell you a story during my interns :) 

First week : Intro to company and see-ing my senior work that I've to replace her one day :O

Second week : Career Fair in Brunei ;) Super duper best cause it's my first time been there. Thank you BOS! Hehe

Third week - now : Hectic weekdays ! Phewwwww

Many people said that intern at the company really sucks but i tell you guys, it is really something worth if you really serious want to have the real working environment. For me, i always have been busy in UTP, so it kind of more or less the same but i enjoy it.

Sometimes I don't even have time to talk to anyone (sorry Anis Syahirah hehe) because too busy focusing until some of the clicks said : "Fara ni serius sangatlah " Aiyokkk hehe what to do :P

Many things that i learnt. I have to adapt with the environment quickly because my job is really important for me to interact with people inside and outside the company. But sometimes i do forgot few things :P Sorry bos.

My clicks and managers are all being nice to me although of course sometimes there would be some crisis HAHAHA only anis and kak sara know what it means. But however it's been 2 months in here. Phewwww so long already and next week will be 1st visit from UTP Supervisor but i havent finish the logbook! Aiyokk

I really hope that i can survive till the end ! HAHAHA please pray for my success k :)

InsyaAllah, i hope that i can grab as much knowledge as possible here! Thank you mama and ayah for your support :) Thank you awak too.

Some of the beautiful moments during interns!

peneman sepanjang intern ♥

after work :O night already
birthday kak sara! credit to bos :P hihi
kak sara present my her love aiyokkk
clicks yang AWESOME :)
me look old -,-
FOOD before lunch!
birthday ANIS!

That's all for now ! HAHA credit to Anis and Kak Sara for the pics :P 

Last but not least i got this one !

how cute is this thing ! WOAAA :O So HAPPY! Thanks awak because u make it by yourselves sobsob *touched*

That's all for now dear ! Hope to see you next time :)

Miss your dear bloggies

Thanks and regards,
Nurul Farahin Mohd Shuhaimi


Nurul Shafika said...

good luck dear..i know u can do it till the end :D
miss u already..sob3
take care dear!

outbound malang said...

Nice blog :)
salam kenal sobat :)
bagi - bagi motivasi
semoga bisa jadi semangat
Senyuman adalah sedekah yang indah, karena dengan sedekah senyuman, manusia takkan pernah merasa berhutang apa-apa dan tak kan membuat orang lain merasa terhina
ditunggu kunjungan baliknya yaa :) terima kasih ....

azifah yazid said...

done follow :)

saifudin abu izzudin said...


amer akat said...

aslkum.. u have so nice blog ...bleh sy follow u? if can pls follow me back ya.. thx =_=

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