Internship is Over


It have been a long time since I've updated my blog. Kinda miss the time when I'm addicted to it.

Good new! I've already finish my internship !! Yehaaaa

Lots of memories that I experienced throughout this 7 months period. Good or bad,happy or sad but still it's memories that lasts in your heart ;)

I face the real working environment which I think it develops to become new me, In sya Allah. And it really make me realize about my future after I graduate.

I'm so grateful because I met lots of people that I good to me. My supervisor, my "crime partner", my office-mates  seniors and people that help me a lot during this period. I can say that my work is super busy but still I love doing it. It's kinda interesting because I love to meet people, connecting with people and speak in front of public.

Alhamdulillah, I improve a lot my communication skills especially fluency in English. Yes, of course you speak English during your office hours right! And i really improve mine!

For me, the stress is kinda high but it depends on how you manage the environment. Sometimes people can't stand with it but I survive. Phew.

But thanks a lot to my managers because of them, I learn so much thing.

I also manage to travel to Brunei and Philippines. Such a big opportunity that make me realize how lucky I am to see the world outside Malaysia. As my manager always said, when u see outside Malaysia then only you will grateful how lucky you are to be Malaysian and stay in Malaysia.

Like I say, U cannot compare Malaysia like any other country. The peacefulness, the food and the environment. That's why more people love to come to Malaysia.

I think that's all. Will update more later.

Here some pictures during my internship.

officially finish mine :)
officemates !
lovely mother 
the interns

crime partner
and yes, i miss office sobsob ;(

Thanks for reading ;)

Lots of love,


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