Going for Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) Program

Salam and hi,

Today and rest of the week, i will be in CTFL Program right here in UTP. Gahhhh so nervous. And more, there will be an exam on this coming Fridayyyy!!!

If you doesn't know what CTFL is all about, it is actually for software testing certification. So basically it is good for a future software engineer like me to have this kind of certificate for future use inshaAllah.

Basically, this program is a collaboration between our CIS department with Malaysia Software Testing Board (MSTB). You can visit their websites for more info --> www.mstb.org

The CTFL program offered by MSTB is based on the ISTQB syllabus and is built upon the best practices and collective testing knowledge contributed by the testing practitioners worldwide. Unlike some other professional certification, there is no requirement to renew one’s certification as it is for a life time. 


See u soon readers.


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