Break The Code Games in Ipoh! Try now :D

Salam and hi readers,

Last week, FS had been to Break the Code. Hell yeah it was so fun and interesting!

FYI, Break the Code had just opened in Ipoh, so it's still new and you need to try if you haven't try it! You're gonna love it ♥♥♥

If you don't have any idea what it is about, Break the Code is most similar with Escape the Room :) It is a challenging and fun live escape game designed for all ages. And more, it is the latest trend and the coolest game! 

If you want to try, there are 4 paths that are available for you to choose from which are Detectives X, Crazy Lab, Kidnapped and Pirate Ship.

I've tried Detective X and i can guarantee that the game is so much fun. What will you do there? Of course you need to break the code! You will be given mission and you need to solve the mission in your group. You will be give 60 minutes to solve and complete mission and you can request 2 times hint if in case you are in doubt. Of course for first timer like me and my friends, we are always confused with the mission HAHAHA but anyway we still managed to escaped from the first place :P Yayyy

You can play the games in group consist of between 2-8 persons! You cannot go alone! The more the merrier right?

For student price it will be only RM30 but make sure to bring your matric card okayyyy!!! And you can get 10% discount more if you like their fb page. See more and more discount so I just need to pay RM27 :)

For more information : you can visit their website

FYI, it is also available in Klang if I'm not mistaken! So try nowww :D

See yaaa! Thanks for reading :)

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