Thursday, June 9, 2016

Trip half backpacker to Korea (Busan-Jeju-Seoul)

Hi all,

It have been a long time since I have write my blog. Yeah kinda miss my old times when I'm used to post numerous posts in the same day. Time flies~

Heyya i'm back.

Last March, me and my friend Ain have been to Korea 󾓮 yeah

I can say it is not so backpackers but almost half backpackers style cause we go there on our own with the help of my google hahaha.

We went there for around 10 days and we cover Busan, Jeju and Seoul. Yeah i will share my itinerary and pictures there later on.

But for the people that haven't been there, i would suggest to go there and experience yourself. It would be amazing to go for an adventure by yourself and learn new things on your journey 😊

Stay tune! I'll be sharing the experience in my next post.  Here's some sneak peek of the beautiful journey.

Love ya!

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